This is a reference site for the Wisconsin Motorcycle Safety Program. Linked documents and web references are intended to simplify the administration of Wisconsin based Motorcycle training programs.

Important Links


Administrative Links

New RC Candidate Checklist   
Rider Coach Application   
Out of State RC Requirements   
SP3574 Rider Coach Waiver (wisdot #)   
MSF Certification Agreement

Wisconsin Trans 129  
WMSP Policy Manual 2/2023  
WMSP QA Process Flow
*** Brc Print for Students ***
Wis A-11 for Students   
*** Brc2 Print for Students ***
Brc2 Statement of understanding
Wis A-11 for Students   
*** Supply RC's ***
Blank QA Form 
MSF Accident Report (WMSP)
*** Course Completion ***
WAMS Registration (for DEC) 
DT-50 2023          
Online Waiver (DEC) ** NEW - Must NOT use Dashes in the DL **

RiderCoach Links

WMSP Eventbrite (PDW's) 
*** Brc ***
Wis A-11 for Students   
Wis 5=Zero Video   
Wisconsin BRC Slide Deck (call RCT or Ted)
Wis A-11 guide for RC's   
Range Card Updates  
*** Brc2 *** (Secured - call an RCT or Ted for the password)
Brc2 Statement of understanding
Brc2 WMSP Slide Deck
Brc2 Quick Reference
*** General info  ***
WMSP Policy Manual 2/2022  
WMSP Recertification Activities
MSF RC Certification Agreement
Compact Range Notes         
Range Aide Rules of Conduct
*** Course Completion ***
MSF Accident Report (WMSP)
DT-50 2023          
Online Waiver (DEC) ** NEW - must NOT use Dashes in the DL **

MSF Links

Retsorg (Requires Login)
MSF Main Site (public)   
MSF Q Center (RC Development)
MSF Res login (coupons, QA)
BRC Ecourse for Students
BRC2 Ecourse for Students
MSF (public) Library     

SKO Power Point

2023 WMSP SKO in pdf    

Covid Guidelines (WMSP)

WMSP Social Distancing Interim Guidelines
MSF Covid Release form

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